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OptaMiss is a second-generation engineering and consulting firm
focused on helping owners make informed decisions about their assets.

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At OptaMiss, we strive to educate clients so they can be actively
involved in the decision-making process of their building.

About Us

OptaMiss is an engineering firm that specializes in roof consulting. We are independent roof consultants who do not sell roofing materials or install roof systems. As such, we are able to offer unbiased advice when it comes to the evaluation, preservation or replacement of your roofing system.


At OptaMiss our mission is to help our clients make informed decisions that will provide the most value from their dollar. We do this by helping them realize their roof’s true-life cycle or by helping ensure that the new roof system is adequately designed, expertly installed, and properly maintained.

OptaMiss uses innovative technology and established Florida Testing Application Standards to evaluate existing roof conditions. We provide direction for prolonging its useful service life and recommend the most appropriate roof system assembly when replacement is ultimately required. We also conduct regular in-progress inspections to ensure that the contractor adheres to specifications and contract documents.

Engineering Construction Consulting

At OptaMiss, we help building owners realize their roof’s true life-cycle through annual roof inspections and thermal moisture scans. As problem areas are identified, we prepare tailored roofing solutions to facilitate roof system repair, restoration, or recovery. If a complete roof replacement is needed, we design a specifications package to fit the building’s needs and the owners’ budget. OptaMiss stays on the project from start to finish ensuring that the roof system is installed according to specifications and industry standards.

We Help You Build On Your Past And The Future.

Only OptaMiss can offer you peace of mind in knowing that the right scope of work is being installed by professional, licensed contractors and overseen by your personal representative. Below are answers to some of the more common questions building owners have before undertaking one of their biggest investments…
No, we do not sell or install roofs. Optamiss is an independent roof consulting firm focused on helping building owners make the best decision for their roofing asset.
Yes, we write tailored roof repair or replacement specifications. Once the sealed bid forms are opened, we proceed to prepare a bid analysis and then meet with the building owner(s) to go over the competitive bids.

Yes, we provide a variety of roof inspections. Some of these are: visual roof inspection, infrared thermal moisture scan via drone, core samples, aerial drone photography and annual roof inspections. These help building owners know the true condition of their roof and better manage their roofing systems.

Would You Like A Roof Inspection?

How comfortable are you with the current state of your roof? When was the last time you had it inspected? Let OptaMiss provide you with an inspection to put your mind at ease.

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