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The Sands of Key Biscayne Roof Restoration

Despite a 25 year NDL manufacturers warranty, this roof failed after only 7 years.  The elastomeric coating that had been applied to qualify this roof for an extra 5 years NDL warranty was curling back, creating numerous elephant ears and pulling the granules from the capsheet with it.  Also, both an impedance and a nuclear moisture survey revealed that there was excessive humidity trapped in certain areas of the roofing system.  Although the original roofing manufacturer offered to provide more elastomeric coating to apply on the roof, the amount of ponding water led OptaMiss to discount that as a viable option. As you can imagine, due to this premature roof failure, the condominium association had not yet had enough time to build up its reserves for a full scope roof replacement.  OptaMiss needed to find a way to preserve this roofing asset. After much research and consideration, OptaMiss specified that all ‘wet’ areas be replaced and that a 20-year SOPREMA silicone roof coating be applied. Upon receipt of the sealed Request for Proposals from pre-approved bidders, the BOD was presented a bid analysis. Finally, once a contract was awarded and work began, OptaMiss performed weekly site visits to ensure that the specified products were used and that the application process was being followed.
  • PROJECT SIZE: 1 building; 30,000 sf
  • PROJECT LOCATION: Key Biscayne, FL
  • CONTRACT AWARDED TO: Southern Certified Incorporated
  • PROPERTY MANAGER: R. Satow with KW Property Management
  • PROJECT SCOPE: Roof Coating Restoration, Replacement of Wet Roof Areas
  • COMPLETION DATE:December 2019