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Annual Roof Inspections

Don’t ignore your roof just because it isn’t leaking!

Roofs are commonly ignored until a roof leak occurs. After all… who goes up on the roof?  Unfortunately, by that time your roof can have suffered damage which can only worsen if not immediately repaired.  Preventative roof maintenance will reduce the severity of roof damage, decrease repair costs, reduce the chance of leaks and interior damage, and help you achieve the most value out of your roof investment.

Not only will roof maintenance reduce your repair costs now,

but will also safeguard and extend its service life.

Why are annual roof inspections so important?

A building’s roofing system is one of its most costly elements.  Roof replacements are traditionally one of the most expensive investments that a Building Owner or Manager can make.  Premature failure is all too common and very costly.  It’s almost like buying a new car, driving it everyday and deciding not take it in for a regular oil change.  The effects? A shot engine.  Likewise, annual inspections serve to know what maintenance items need to be taken care of in order for your roof to last its intended life cycle. Water intrusion does not only damage the roof system.  Even a small hole can let a deluge into the building damaging interiors, merchandise, equipment, air quality and even business productivity.  Annual roof inspections help catch small repair items before they become a major issue.  OptaMiss will bring you peace of mind and help you ensure your roof is watertight.

Why choose Optamiss?

OptaMiss will provide you with an UNBIASED THIRD PARTY ROOF INSPECTION that will ultimately help you realize the roof’s true lifecycle.

  • To determine if the roof system is performing according to its intended function.
  • To identify signs of deterioration or unsatisfactory conditions, prioritize immediate needs and schedule secondary maintenance items.
  • To ensure repairs by your Contractor are carried out fully and according to acceptable industry standards.

To Remain in Compliance with Manufacturer’s Warranty by way of a detailed historic record.

What’ included in an OptaMiss Roof Inspection?

OptaMiss will keep an updated binder with detailed records of all roof inspection reports, proposals, repair work and an inspection log.  Each inspection will include:

  • A report with captioned photos of each deficiency.
  • Auto cad roof sketch with a legend indicating the location of each deficiency
  • An aerial drone shot of your roof along with a thermal moisture scanned image.
  • A list of items that must be addressed, in order of priority.

Common Roof Deficiencies