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Roof Moisture Surveys

Get Roof Surveys Done Today to Strengthen Your Shelter

You can journey to fortify your home with our expert roof surveys. Here at OptaMiss, we understand that a strong roof is important for the overall health of your property. That is why our comprehensive roof surveys and roof moisture scans are designed to address the issues that your roof might face.

The Issues Our Roof Faces

Roof Moisture: Detectable by Roof Moisture Scan

One of the most common problems that roofs face is moisture. To tackle it, we use a roof moisture scan. Roof moisture is a silent threat that can affect the structural strength of your home. 

However, when we do roof surveys, our innovative roof moisture scan technology allows us to precisely detect moisture, preventing potential issues like mold growth, rot, and damage to insulation. By catching these problems early, we save you repair costs and the stress of extensive damage.

Roof Leaks and holes; Detectable by Roof Surveys and Roof Moisture Scan

Moisture is not the only roof issue because some leaks and holes need attention. From identifying leaks to searching for holes and assessing the overall health of your roof to checking the durability, we do it all; all you will need is a roof survey from our experts.

You can depend on our roof surveys because, after observation, we bring proactive solutions to the table.

With us, you’re not just getting a roof survey, but you’re also gaining a partner in safeguarding your home. Our professionals are trained to provide insights, recommendations, and, most importantly, peace of mind. So, please don’t let roof issues linger in the shadows; we’d like to highlight potential problems with roof surveys and guide you toward a long-lasting solution.

Choose us for a qualitative approach to roof surveys because your home deserves the best defense against the elements.

Infrared Scans

This survey technology is done using thermal imaging of your roof. It is based on the theory that wet insulation contributes to heat loss from your home. We will do the infrared scan using a state-of-the-art drone with a Forward-Looking InfraRed (FLIR) camera. This camera can read the temperature throughout your entire roof surface. It detects wet roof areas by identifying heat loss from your building.

The resulting thermograph shows the contrasting tones of the roof area at the different temperature variations.

Dry areas typically have lower temperatures because heat is not being lost from inside your home. These areas of lower temperatures show up as dark tones on the thermograph. On the other hand, heat from your home interior radiates to the outside through wet areas. So wet areas have higher temperatures and show up as lighter areas on the thermograph.

The scan is best done late at night after a preceding day with little cloud cover to get the best result or image. But the survey can be done at any time of the year in any geographic region, provided there’s little moisture on the roof surface.

This inspection is so easy to do that we don’t need to physically get on your roof. Our technologically advanced drone just needs to fly over your roof surface, and that’s it! So, you have zero worries about us causing any damage to your roof with foot traffic. We will also be out of your hair in no time!

 Impedance Moisture Survey

A visual inspection can help identify some defects and problems. But there is a limit to what you can detect through visual inspections. So, a visual inspection will not show the actual status of your roof system.

Even after all non-destructive tests have been done to detect moisture or other abnormalities in your roof system, test cuts are required to correctly assess your roof system’s state. In fact, roof science can be considered incomplete without test cuts.

At OptaMiss, we are very thorough. This is why we take the survey further by carrying out Test Cuts to help give you a complete picture of how your roof system is currently doing.

We do these test cuts by extracting a test sample from specific roof areas using a 2-inch round core cutter. In accordance with the Florida Building Code, we then measure the samples. We also label, bag, and weigh them before conducting a gravimetric test on them.

In the gravimetric test, we place the samples in the oven. Weigh and analyze the samples again when they are out of the oven. Finally, we will use the values obtained to determine the moisture percentage throughout your roof system.

Test cuts not only give a true reflection of how your roof system is doing. But they also help confirm the results of other surveys – whether visual or thermal scans.


After the survey, we will provide you with a report consisting of:

  • An AutoCAD sketch of your roof with a graphic interpretation of the wet area, rooftop equipment, and core sample location.
  • The result of the gravimetric analysis on a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet documents the moisture percentage, core sample composition, and a written summary of the results.
  • Expert recommendations on the next step.

Imagine being able to call the shots on your roof matters. Having detailed information about how every square meter is doing. And being able to call the shots on what and what not to do.

Well, you can have that. Simply reach out to us via phone call or email to request a consultation. We’re here for you.

OptaMiss Roof Moisture Survey…

                                                                        … Here to help you make excellent roof decisions.



Don’t Ignore Your Roof

As an unbiased third party, we inspect your roof annually for quality assurance and verify that any repairs made by your contractor are performed according to industry and warranty standards.


Why Hire a Contruction Consultant

Unlike other companies, OptaMiss is not a roofing contractor. Rest assured that we are not trying to sell you a new roof. Instead, we are here to provide you with objective expertise on the preservation of your roof.
Claims Assistance, Construction Observation, building Recertification, Project Management, Request For Proposals, Roof Testing, Project management, Roof Testing, Moisture testing, Request for Proposal, Roof Consulting, Construction Management | Optamiss
Claims Assistance, Construction Observation, building Recertification, Project Management, Request For Proposals, Roof Testing, Project management, Roof Testing, Moisture testing, Request for Proposal, Roof Consulting, Construction Management | Optamiss


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