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Drone Inspections

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV), or drones as most referred to, have significantly impacted various industries. Drone roof inspections have been a game-changer when performing roofing or building envelope inspections and infrared thermal surveys. Drone roof inspections have drastically reduced the safety hazards to inspectors and have proven to save time and money. Optamiss is big on technology and counts on the ‘bird’s eye view’ that can only be captured through state-of-the-art drones. We deploy the latest in today’s drone technology to better document the present condition of commercial and residential roofs throughout South Florida. Our goal is simple: to provide you with better documentation and give you a good visual representation of the condition of your roofing asset. Whether you are looking for drone roof inspections, infrared roof inspections, or a thermal roof inspection, a licensed FAA pilot will quickly and safely put the drone in the air and take the needed pictures or video.



Though the traditional method of personally getting on a roof and performing a roof inspection is often necessary, drone roof inspections and photography are a valuable complement.  It allows for inspecting locations that are often inaccessible or dangerous to access.  More importantly, drone roof inspections provide photos that help document the bigger picture. The visual data collected by the sUAV is then reviewed in detail by the inspector and included in the drone roof inspection report.

  • Using an sUAV during all phases of your commercial roofing project allows the inspector to perform Quality Assurance, record work progression, and even take installation videos.
  • Aerial drone roof inspections help pinpoint deficiencies such as missing shingles, cracked or broken roof tiles, clogged gutters, the condition of rooftop equipment, areas of ponding water, etc.
  • They are also very good at obtaining a bird’s eye view of completed roof repairs.

Undoubtedly, drones are a valuable addition to the inspector’s toolbox.  Even Property Managers find these aerial images especially helpful when updating condo residents.  Hiring a roof consultant who regularly uses drone technology will be an asset.


Infrared thermography has become an industry standard and is the preferred, non-destructive method to identify water intrusion on commercial flat, insulated, and low-sloped roofs. Infrared imaging technology works well on TPO, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, and Built-Up Roof assemblies. Regarding infrared roof inspection, we will deploy a drone fitted with a FLIR IR camera to take thermal images of your roof structure. The thermal roof inspection camera will capture the temperature differences in your roofing system.  Areas holding moisture will give off more heat, pointing out areas of concern.  OptaMiss will even take core samples and run a gravimetric analysis for a more accurate reading. A moisture survey report will map out the areas of high moisture content in your roof, pinpointing the locations and percentage of roof areas that must be replaced.  In turn, the information from infrared roof inspection will allow you to know what action plan to take with your roof.  For example, most, if not all, manufacturers recommend that all wet areas be replaced before applying a roof coating for their product to work.  Also, the Florida building code states that a roof deck that is found to have more than 25% of ‘high’ moisture content cannot be repaired; it must be replaced. Infrared roof inspection allows the building owner to make informed decisions.


The relatively low cost of high-quality and professional imagery has made asset protection an invaluable commodity for commercial building owners and property managers.  An annual photographic record of the condition of your assets will facilitate any loss or damage claims. Optamiss can help you document the condition of your current assets with an aerial and thermal roof inspection. Hurricane season in South Florida always comes with peak months of tropical storm activity and torrential rain. Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that you are armed with a thermal roof inspection. If a hurricane or other high winds caused water intrusion, you could provide your insurance carrier with the documentation. The aerial drone photography and thermal roof inspection will prove handy when claiming funds to restore your structure to pre-disaster condition. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have annual drone imagery of your assets.



The safety factor is one of the most attractive benefits. Rooftop falls account for most deaths in the construction industry and some fatal home accidents.  Drone-assisted roof inspections remove the human element from the equation. Using this inspection method eliminates the danger of a person falling, thereby eliminating the liability of injury and the potential risk of loss of life.


Certain roof coverings tend to break or become damaged when stepped on.  Fortunately, the drone inspection can often be performed without ever getting on the roof.  This permits real-time data without the risk of breaking additional roof tiles or bending the metal roof panels.


An aerial drone roof inspection can speed up the inspection process and reduce the risk of work accidents and damage to commercial or residential property. It is also incredibly dependable for workflow documentation and asset protection. Our FAA-licensed drone pilot is available in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Monroe County.  We service the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Hialeah, Doral, Sunny Isles, Star Island, Aventura, Fisher Island, Bay Harbor, Bal Harbor, Kendall, Cutler Bay, Coral Gables, Homestead, Hollywood, Sunrise, and many more. To request a no-obligation consultation about your commercial roof, contact us at


Don’t Ignore Your Roof

As an unbiased third party, we inspect your roof annually for quality assurance and verify that any repairs made by your contractor are performed according to industry and warranty standards.


Why Hire a Contruction Consultant

Unlike other companies, OptaMiss is not a roofing contractor. Rest assured that we are not trying to sell you a new roof. Instead, we are here to provide you with objective expertise on the preservation of your roof.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

As opposed to the traditional roof inspection method of a person climbing to the roof, a drone roof inspection utilizes a drone to capture the roof’s condition. The insurance company then assesses the images captured by the drone for repair and replacement estimates.

Drone roof inspections have many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, time-saving, limited disruption, reduced risk, and solid evidence. OptaMiss can help you with drone roof inspections.

Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), provide a more efficient and safer method for evaluating the condition of different structures. They are equipped with high-resolution cameras and are perfect for inspections.

There are several methods of roof inspections, including visual observation, thermal roof inspection, infrared roof inspection, moisture detection, and more.

The cost for a commercial roof inspection using a thermal image drone depends upon the size of the property and project requirements. You can contact OptaMiss for a more accurate quote based on your requirements.

Claims Assistance, Construction Observation, building Recertification, Project Management, Request For Proposals, Roof Testing, Project management, Roof Testing, Moisture testing, Request for Proposal, Roof Consulting, Construction Management | Optamiss
Claims Assistance, Construction Observation, building Recertification, Project Management, Request For Proposals, Roof Testing, Project management, Roof Testing, Moisture testing, Request for Proposal, Roof Consulting, Construction Management | Optamiss


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