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Some Common Roofing Scams And How To Avoid Them

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Some Common Roofing Scams And How To Avoid Them

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It doesn’t matter what type of business you look at, there will always be someone trying to exploit it in some way. Even with roofing repairs, there is never a lack of “experts” who are just out to steal your money.

But how do you prepare for something you are not familiar with? Not everyone has a DIY mindset and know what needs to be done with the roof, meaning you can be left completely vulnerable at the mercy of the scammer. But quick-talking and slick individuals can be spotted miles away if you just pay attention.

And to help you avoid some of the most common roofing scams, this is what you need to know.

1. The Sub-Par Repair

The first scam is a harsh one, seeing as you only spot it too late. You also seem to have difficulty contacting the professional who handled the repair, after you noticed the initial hole is back – and it got bigger.

Essentially, you’ve been scammed.

The reason why this scam exists in the first place is based on the desperation to get the repairs done for as cheaply as possible. And it’s understandable to hire the cheapest local roofing expert, regardless of whether you’ve checked out their reputation.

But what you’ll be getting is a mere cover-up to the real problem, which will cost you more money to fix – again. And taking into account that the problem probably got worse over time, there is no telling how much damage has been done.

2. The Overachiever

A lack of roofing knowledge gives the “overachieving” roofing scam so much power. And where the first scam is all about doing as little as possible, this one is all about doing way too much.

Not every roof repair is an emergency or requires extensive work. But there are some roofers who will like to argue otherwise. According to them, you’ll have to fix everything short of replacing the roof altogether.

This is why you always get several quotes and opinions before making a final decision.

3. Less Is More

The last scam on the list will be the easiest to spot. This is because you are dealing with an “expert” who is going to charge you according to the little they have to do. Basically, the less they have to do, the more they charge for non-sensical things to make up the difference.

Some people strike it very unlucky when they get a mixture of the above-mentioned scams, which is definitely possible.

How To Avoid Roofing Scams

If you don’t want to be a victim of a roofing scam, follow these tips:

  • Always check out the reputation of the company you are using and how long they have been in business
  • Ask friends and family if they can refer you to a company
  • Get 3 different quotes at the very least
  • Do some research about the problem online and become informed
  • Never pay a deposit for the work beforehand (although deposits might be required by some companies)

While it’s important to save money, you won’t be saving anything if you get caught up in one of the above-mentioned roofing scams.