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Le Club at Old Cutler Roof Replacement

Hire a roof consultant and reduce the lifecycle cost of your roof.  The Association at Le Club of Old Cutler decided to hire OptaMiss to perform project management and construction observation after the roofing contract had been hired and the roof replacement project was underway.  At this time, they were already knee deep into 99 change orders.  As the roof consultants we spent countless hours reviewing the roofing contract, design details, change orders, and the multiple pay applications.  Needless to say, the time and effort paid off. The discoveries prompted the roofing contractor to provide the following roof warranties which otherwise would have gone unclaimed: a 5-year labor and materials tile roof warranty, a 5-year GAF coatings warranty, a 50-year Boral roof tile product warranty, and a 30-year underlayment product warranty from Polyglass.  They also began to perform work as per the contracted specification and credited the Association back over $164,000!

At OptaMiss we are your partner for total roof management.  During the course of the low slope and tile roof replacement project our field inspector performed weekly quality assurance inspections, flew the drone and provided progress reports.  While our project manager held  weekly construction meetings with the property manager, board members, and the roofer to ensure that any issues were promptly addressed, everyone stayed on the same page and the roofing project ran smoothly.  During the project closeout, OptaMiss presented  the association with a binder containing all of the project documentation, release of liens and warranties.  You too can enjoy the cost savings that comes with having a roof consultant expert on board.

  • PROJECT SIZE: 13 buildings; /- 183,515 sf
  • PROJECT SCOPE: Low Slope and Tile Mansard Roof Replacement
  • CONTRACTOR: A-1 Property Services
  • PROPERTY MANAGER: J. Pereira with Renovations Property Management
  • COMPLETION DATE: May 2019-July 2021