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Bayside Village at Fisher Island Tile Roof Replacement​

Subpar work and missed details often mean premature roof failure. An expert roof consultant helps assess the roof installation and in turn saves the building association thousands of dollars by ensuring the roof is built to reach its intended life cycle. OptaMiss was hired after the roofing contract had been awarded and the work was already underway. The roof on building 2400 had been replaced, 2300 was in-progress, and 2200 was set to start. Our first order of business was to inspect the in-progress work for compliance with the contract documents and Miami-Dade building code. As part of our initial inspection, all accessible attics were inspected to verify that the perimeter wood had been replaced and that the additional brackets were installed on the wood trusses. Fortunately for the client, we were able to catch work that had been overlooked. For building 2300, we put together a comprehensive punch-list which included installing a second layer of Polyglass underlayment because the first installation had been overexposed for a period greater than 6 months. Though building 2400 had passed final inspection with the city, OptaMiss requested that the contractor raise the plumbing vents in order to comply with the current code. We then worked with the roofing contractor to make sure that deficient items were corrected. OptaMiss monitored the roof replacement on building 2200 from start to finish, and it progressed smoothly. As with any construction project, OptaMiss gathered and updated the proper documentation pertaining to all pay applications. We provided the Property Manager with weekly progress reports that included drone photography. The finalized binders included copies of finalized roof permits and warranty documents
  • PROJECT SIZE: 3 buildings, /- 350sq
  • PROJECT LOCATION: Fisher Island, FL
  • CONTRACT AWARDED TO: A-1 Property Services
  • PROJECT SCOPE: Tile Roof Replacement, Perimeter Sheathing Replacement and Retrofit the Strap Installation, and  Termite Treatment Application
  • PROPERTY MANAGER: J. Smith with First Service Residential