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Use compatibility mode to work with different versions of PowerPoint

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Method 2: Remove and Add the Add-in · Click the Microsoft Office Button, click PowerPoint Options, and then click Add-Ins. · In the Manage list. How to determine whether you have a damaged presentation In PowerPoint , select Installed Templates, and then select Introducing.

This feature requires microsoft office powerpoint 2007 either the application is not installed free . Install Office updates


I have the bit version of Windows 8 Release v1. I cannot publish slides to the SharePoint environment at all. Either the application is not installed, or your browser is not configured to support ActiveX controls.

I read through the KB I tried running the “Fix it For Me” option offered with that KB, and the wizard indicated the problem could not be found on my computer. How can I resolve this issue? Utilizing slide libraries is a very important feature of SharePoint for my organization, and going back to Office is simply not an option.

I had someone outside of my business who is using Windows 7 and Office post a slide to that slide library. I am able to edit the existing slide with PowerPoint , but I still cannot upload slides. The Trust Center settings appear correct. I don’t see anything that would cause this. As to the bit question, it is my understanding that because I am running Windows 8 bit, IE will always run as bit by default.

I made the adjustments as recommended in the KB that discusses this issue and even tried separately opening IE from the Program Files folder instead to ensure I was utilizing the bit version.

Still no change. I have noticed one more symptom. Even with the slides that were uploaded to that library, the “Copy Slide to Presentation” feature of the Slide Library doesn’t work. When I click on that in SharePoint, the page refreshes but PowerPoint never opens with the slides selected. According to your description, my understanding is that you were unable to publish Slides into SharePoint with Office Typically we can click on a link to a PowerPoint, for example in a document library, and be taken to a new page to present PowerPoint.

I have reviewed multiple other machines and found no differences in the IE, Win 8, Office, or Registry settings. There are no computers in the environment on Windows 7 or with Win 8 bit. Degrading to either is not an option for the organization. The issue is consistent. Another concerning issue is related to the “Copy Slide to Presentation” button. I have found a few machines where this works, but also a few where it does nothing at all except refresh the IE browser page.

I cannot find a difference in the environments OS, IE, Office, and Registrty between the machines and would love to know what could be causing this. No, this issue is not limited to my computer. This issue is affecting other machines as well. No machines can upload slides. The issue with the “copy slide to presentation” button is impacting some machines, but not all.

There are no other browser options to test. IE is the only one and IE 10 is the only version. Having the same issue. Note: Using Firefox Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure if you’re still having his problem rg, but yours is a problem with your ActiveX add-on. Please make sure you have an up-to-date copy of Flash and that the ActiveX add on in your IE is enabled.

Unfortunately, because updates came down at once, there is no way to tell exactly which update is causing the slide publishing to give the error “This location does not exist or you do not have permissions. Having same problem here in our office too. It’s been going on for a long time. We used slide libraries extensively. They are a great feature. Or rather they were before the patches broke it The slide may have been moved or deleted, or networking problems may be preventing a connection to the server.

Common presentation has 30 slides. We never got the issue resolved. If anyone does and could share what fixed the problem, we would LOVE to know! I have tried the concurrent editing feature that works much better once you have Office , and that has been the way we update presentations now.

Not as good as Slide Libraries, but it’s better than sending the things over email. We just upgraded to Office at my organization and are facing the same issues with SharePoint slide libraries.

Did you try the Network Awareness fix? If so, did this resolve anything for you? I’ll report back if it resolves the issue. I’m using IE 11 32bit on Windows 7. The site is SP site. After much analysis, I found that PPactivex is required for this functionality. Since it retrieved as false it displays the error message. This is what we have SharePoint with Window 7 I.

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Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Asked by:. Archived Forums. SharePoint – General Discussions and Questions. Use this forum to discuss general topics for SharePoint Sign in to vote. Friday, January 23, PM. Hi Jen, check your trust settings in PowerPoint. Also, make sure you’re using the bit version of IE. Check your Active X settings in your Internet Options. Download a Javascript update and see if that resolves the problem. For narrowing this issue, let’s verify the followings: Please test on other machines with the same system configuration, compare the result.

Please test on other machines with bit system and IE 10, compare the result. Whether you are able to publish Slides from Windows 7 and Office bit. Whether this issue occurres for all slide files with Office Please create a new slide in PowerPoint , and check if it could be uploaded into a new Slide library.

Monday, January 26, AM. Wendy, I have reviewed multiple other machines and found no differences in the IE, Win 8, Office, or Registry settings. Do you have any fixes for this problem? Monday, February 2, PM. This issue seems to be a client issue. Whether you try to use IE 8 mode to test in your IE Please test and compare the result. In addition, whether you have other browsers to test, like Chrome or Firefox.

Wednesday, February 4, AM. Wednesday, February 4, PM. Running in IE8 mode had no impact on the issue. Tuesday, February 10, PM. Thursday, June 18, PM. It appears that there is no fix for this issue. We have decided to tell users not to use the slide libraries since we were unsuccessful in resolving the problem. If anyone out there has actually found a resolution, please share.

We’d love to hear it.


Versions of PowerPoint that support online videos.


In Microsoft Office Word, when you attempt to run a macro, you receive the following or a similar error message. Microsoft Visual Basic The macros in this project are disabled. Please refer to the online help or documentation of the host application to determine how to enable macros. Then, the macro does not run. In Word or in PowerPoint, add-in menus or toolbars are not visible or they do not function if you attempt to use the menu items or command buttons. By default, Office tge macro security to High.

This setting prevents Visual Basic for Applications VBA sub procedures and add-ins that have not been digitally signed from running. If you add digital signatures to your macros, the macros can be run with high security.

Obtain a digital signature, and then add the digital signature to the macro. To power;oint this, follow this feature requires microsoft office powerpoint 2007 either the application is not installed free steps:.

For more information about источник статьи and using digital signatures, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Wpplication. Contact your add-in vendor to see if a signed version of the add-in is available. For more information about hardware and software vendor microsoff information, visit the following Microsoft Web requirse.

Add the trusted locations that poweproint want, and then click OK two times. Click the Microsoft Office Buttonand then click one of the following:. On the Trusted Publishers tab, click to select the Trust all installed ijstalled and templates check box, and then click OK. On the Trusted Sources tab, click to select the Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box, and then click OK. In the Macro Settings section, select the security level that you want to use, this feature requires microsoft office powerpoint 2007 either the application is not installed free then click OK two times.

In the Marco Settings section, select the security level that you want to use, and then click OK two times. Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. A subscription to make the most of your time. Try one month free.

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