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Roof Testing

As an approved roof testing laboratory, we provide building owners, and owner’s reps, as well as attorneys and adjusters with unbiased roof assessments.  The results can be used to make informed decisions about the roof project or insurance claim.  If moving forward with a roof replacement, the applicable tests will need to be submitted along with the roofing application at the corresponding Building department. Having the tests performed prior to sending the job out to bid, minimizes the chances of a change order from your contractor should any of the tests fail.  It also guarantees that the selected roof system (NOA) is a proper fit for your building. OptaMiss is certified through Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance to perform the following roofing tests throughout the state of Florida:
TAS 105 – Fastener Pull Test
The Testing Application Standard TAS-105, is known throughout the industry as a fastener pull test or as a fastener withdrawal resistance test.  This procedure has been set in place to determine if a particular mechanical fastener, when used to attach a roofing component to the roof deck, provides sufficient resistance to static uplift force to meet the wind load requirements of an approved roof assembly, for a specific building.  Based on the results of the fastener pull test, the contractor can determine what fastener(s) can be used for the roof system assembly.  Additionally, calculations can also be done to determine the fastener spacing requirement.
TAS 124 – Bell / Bonded Pull Test
The Testing Application Standard, TAS-124-95 procedure provides a means for determining the uplift resistance of an adhered or mechanically attached roof system assembly to the roof deck. Both the bonded pull test and the bell chamber test are intended to confirm that a given installation meets the design pressure requirements under ASCE 7-98, as required in section 1606 of the Florida Building Code. The bonded pull test is a destructive test where a 2’x2’ plate is adhered to the roofing system, a cut is made all the way around it, and static uplift pressure is then applied to it.  This will require a roofing contractor to patch the area.  A bell chamber test consists of a 5’ x5’ apparatus that is placed on the roof system assembly.  If the roof system holds the required pressures, then no cuts into the system are necessary, thereby having the potential of being non-destructive.  If the system fails, the building owner or contractor, will likely want to open up the area and determine the mode of failure.
TAS 106 – Tile Uplift Test
The Testing Application Standard, TAS-106 procedure has been set in place to determine if a particular roof tile’s installation can withstand a minimum 35lbs of wind uplift resistance.  The test can be adapted to test both, bonded and mechanically attached applications.  The number of tests performed will be determined by the size of the roof. On a new roof tile installation, the tile uplift test is required by the building inspector before they approve the final inspection. Additionally, the number of tests can be increased to help determine the percentage of roof tiles, which no longer meet the minimum wind uplift resistance after a major storm or wind event. Such a test can help substantiate an insurance claim.
TAS 126 – Roof Moisture Survey
The Testing Application Standard, TAS-126 Moisture test procedure is designed to detect moisture trapped within a roof system assembly.  These roof moisture tests can help determine the percent of moisture located throughout the roof.  Per the Florida Building Code: A roof deck that is found to have more than 25% of ‘high’ moisture content, cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. The analysis initially begins as a non-destructive test using impedance or infrared technologies.  However, to get a more accurate measurement of what the relative readings mean, it is then necessary to take 2” core samples of the different readings and process them per section 1521.12 of the Florida Building Code.
The Results Of A Roof Moisture Survey Can Be Used For A Number Of Reasons.
Make Informed Decisions
The results will determine what roofing options are available to you and help you make informed decisions over how to proceed with your roofing system.
  • Determine the percentage of ‘high’ moisture areas present in your roof system and if the roof can be repaired or if it must be replaced.
  • Know what areas are ‘wet’ and ‘need’ to be replaced.
  • Determine if your roof is dry enough to accept a restoration coating.
  • Determine if a second roof can be installed over the existing roof system.
Save Money
Often times the moisture survey will pinpoint problem areas that are not visible during a normal inspection.  When caught early, you can save money on repair costs by catching and stopping water intrusion into the roof system before it becomes a leak into the building. Saving money on repair costs by having an accurate roof moisture map, that highlights the ‘wet’ areas. Often times you can replace ‘only’ the areas showing high moisture content.
Protect Your Assets
Creating an annual record of your roof’s condition can prove to be helpful in case of an insurance storm damage claim. You will easily be able to provide documentation showing the moisture mapping before and after the high wind event.


Don’t Ignore Your Roof

As an unbiased third party, we inspect your roof annually for quality assurance and verify that any repairs made by your contractor are performed according to industry and warranty standards.


Why Hire a Contruction Consultant

Unlike other companies, OptaMiss is not a roofing contractor. Rest assured that we are not trying to sell you a new roof. Instead, we are here to provide you with objective expertise on the preservation of your roof.
Claims Assistance, Construction Observation, building Recertification, Project Management, Request For Proposals, Roof Testing, Project management, Roof Testing, Moisture testing, Request for Proposal, Roof Consulting, Construction Management | Optamiss
Claims Assistance, Construction Observation, building Recertification, Project Management, Request For Proposals, Roof Testing, Project management, Roof Testing, Moisture testing, Request for Proposal, Roof Consulting, Construction Management | Optamiss


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