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Apr 10,  · The hero, Captain Commando assembles a team of three renegades; Ginzu the Ninja, Baby Head, and Mack the Knife; to help him foil Scumocide’s plans. This task will not be easy as many of Earh’s institutions are infested with Scumocides minions, but strength and persistence runs the team into the crusade. Captain Commando is a futuristic side scrolling beat ‘em up game released in and developed by Capcom. The game was first time released as a coin-operated video game, but was later on ported to other platforms due to the high request and popularity/10(13). Jan 20,  · Captain Commando Game Free Download. An evil has threatened a peaceful city once again. You and your crack group of crime-busting vigilantes have chosen to fight for what is right and take on incredible odds to free not only yourselves but also every citizen in .


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Metro City, A corrupt mutant group by the name of “Scumocide” plot to control the universe. This task will not be easy as many of Earh’s institutions are infested with Scumocides minions, but strength and persistence runs the team into the crusade. The player chooses one of these four characters, who must fight their way through an army of genetically engineered super-criminal, traveling through a series of locations such as the bank, museum, circus, aquarium, and several others, right through to a planet called “Callisto”, where the evil behind “Scumocide” awaits.

All four characters have their own special attacks. Captain Commando can use the power of his suit to shoot electricity through his palms. Baby Head rides around in a mech suit which does more damage. Mack can use short knives. Each location ends with the character defeating a boss before proceeding to the next one. From Mobygames. Original Entry. I remember playing a cabinet with that allowed 4 players, but the game is only allowing 2. How do I set this game up for 4 players? With this and some other multiplayer games, the default number of players for a cabinet is two — even if the program supports more.

You can usually set these settings with a dip switch assignment or adjusting an option in the Service Mode Using F2 to enter and exit. Uploaded by Sketch the Cow on April 10, Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. The superhero is Captain Commando and is featured in a setting of the year , where assisted by his three faithful Commando Companions, he protects the Earth and the Galaxy from a team of super-powered criminals.

The game follows the same gameplay established in the more-popular Final Fight developed by the same company. The players have to defeat each opponent on the stage while also avoiding traps and eventually fight the final boss of each level. There are a total of nine stages in Captain Commando. The control configuration is similar to the one in Final Fight. There are numerous combinations of attacks while both jumping and standing. Running and running jump attacks can also be performed.

The player can pick up health-restoring items which can be found all over the map. However, these elements are hidden inside barrels or are within destroyable objects and have to be found. Players can also ride certain robots by dismounting their riders and jumping over the robot. Although they are powerful, the robots can sustain a lot of damage until they will be destroyed. There are three robots in the game: a flame-throwing, a punching and a freezing robot.

Although in Final Fight this was not possible, the player can carry his weapons between the levels in Captain Commando. The game was made available for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in The game for arcade was rated with 8. Browse games Game Portals.

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