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Who We Are

Amilly Alvarez-Washington founded OptaMiss in 2015 when it was decided to separate the Consulting & Project Management side of the business from the Materials and Product Testing performed by Florida TEC. OptaMiss is made up of several full-time Field Inspectors and Project Managers as well as Professional Engineers. Each of our team members spends time regularly expanding their industry knowledge and making real-world applications.

As a team, OptaMiss focuses on building trust-based relationships, understanding and exceeding customer expectations and providing unparalleled service. We are a highly motivated and qualified consulting company capable of successfully completing any size commercial project. Our job is to watch over your investment,  to be your ‘eyes and ears’ on the project.

Some of our most requested services include Visual Condition Surveys, Construction Consulting, Tailor-made Specifications, Contract Administration, Quality Assurance Inspections, and more. Though we are capable of handling an array of projects our specialities are Concrete Restoration and Roof Preservation. For every job, we are committed to streamlining your construction projects with the least amount of change orders, delays or hiccups.  Only OptaMiss can offer you the peace of mind in knowing that you have the right scope of work being installed by professional, licensed contractors and overseen by your personal representative.


Our team is managed by this finely-tuned group of professionals who constantly questions, tinkers and overcomes challenges, overseeing that our Clients get the full scope of work and the expected quality workmanship from their Contractor. Meet

Roofing Company Marketing Director
Amilly Washington


Roofing Company Sales Director
Caris Washington

Vice President

Roofing Company Marketing Director
Yan Solis

Professional Engineer

Optimiss Roofing Company Sales Director
Jakia Mann

Office Administrator

Roofing Company CEO
Crystal Coats

Project Manager

Roofing Company Marketing Director
Zachary Morana

Level I Thermographer