40/50 Year Building Recertification | Roof and Structural Inspection

40/50 Year Recertifications

Miami Dade and Broward Counties both require a building Recertification for buildings at 40 years of age and every 10 years thereafter. The purpose of this 40 year recertification inspection is to examine areas where the failure of one of the building’s critical components could pose an immediate threat to the safety of its occupants. The main components to be inspected are the roof, the exterior walls, the electrical system and the parking lot illumination.

When should you prepare for your 40 or 50 year recertification?

If you wait until you receive notice from the county, you will only have 90 days to show that you are compliant. It is best to obtain a preliminary 40 year inspection and begin correcting all items 2 or 3 years before your 40 year recertification deadline.

What are some things to do in preparation for building recertification?

Electrical Make sure that: electrical outlets near the bathroom or kitchen sinks are —-, a/c closets are not being used for storage, electrical panels are labeled, and there are NO open slots on the electrical panel.

Roof Annual maintenance is key to preserving your roof asset. Scheduling an annual roof inspection with a licensed roof inspector such as OptaMiss, will keep you up to date with the necessary repairs or recommendations to extend the life of your roof. If the roof is regularly inspected and maintained, it will be good condition when your 40 or 50 year recertification comes around.

Exterior walls To prepare for recertification, building professionally painted and caulked every 7 to 10 years. In the interim, pressure wash the building at least every 2 years. Buildings located near salt water should be maintained more often.

Parking lot illumination Upgrading the parking lot lights to achieve at least the minimum amount of lumens

How much will the corrections cost?

Every building is different. A well-maintained building could just need some paint and a lumens upgrade. Other buildings may need as much as a complete roof replacement or extensive concrete restoration, which could take several months to complete. That is why it is so important to schedule a preliminary 40/50 year recertification inspection early. You may need time to find qualified contractors to complete the project or even to obtain additional funding.


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