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Autodesk is integrating its browser-based ForceEffect also on the iPad directly into Inventor. Looks like Autodesk is making a bit of a splash about its flagship product , Inventor. Well, it looks like Autodesk is looking up the ante and is making a lot of fuss over the R2 release. The big news for this release is the incorporation of Shape Generator.

This uses a pretty widespread approach to shape optimisation that uses topology-based method as the basis for that optimisation, rather than driving a parametric model which has been inside Inventor for a while. One of the most interesting is the ForceEffect set of tools — these combine a slick interface with free body diagrams.

This Inventor update brings this type of tool direct;y into the Inventor interface. That can then be progressed directly into your CAD models. This is an interesting one. These new tools give you a lot more filtering and control over the process and start to include some tools to automatically swap out the blocked out, rough shapes found in IDFs for more geometrically rich descriptions of your components when needed.

The big question is how its customers are going to react. Firstly, Autodesk has been moving towards a subscription only sell for a good few years. Will this new delivery schedule change things or make them easier for those customers? Absolutely not. Damn straight it will. Shape Generator looks good. Autodesk is making a lot of claims about this. Topology optimisation in this form has been around for decades. Yes, this is the first time that it has been built into a mainstream tool — but something new?

Not really. The integration of the previous browser and iPad based ForceEffects is an interesting one. It shows that you can built in new tools, allow them to hosted online and still delivery them in a traditional environment.

As for the new IDF import tools, this looks like a case of catch up. SolidWorks users will, of course, have had this type of tool for quite some time thanks to CircuitWorks which DS acquired a fair old while ago , so its good to see the Inventor community get the same level of tools. Interestingly and disconnected from this area of Inventor, the folks behind CircuitWorks set-up a new company after departing DS to do some very interesting things ECAD.

All in all, I like this way of delivering software updates roll out and training aside. While I doubt that Autodesk will be able to roll out tools like this with each release, it does means that chances are the new tools will evolve much more quickly, gain more functionality, as things progress. You must be logged in to post a comment. Related articles:. First Look: Artec Studio 11 – automation added to 3D scan post processing.

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Inventor は、現在および将来直面するエンジニアリングや製造の課題を解決するために常に進化を遂げています。Inventor R2 は、Subscription をご契約のお客様が フリーフォームのインタラクティブ チュートリアルは、 からダウンロードできます。